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How nice that you want to know more about me,  I am Arlette, wife of, mother of 3, grandmother of 2, and owner of a lovely dachshund .A free curious creative mind. Always interested in interpersonal relationships, personal growth

,and how to translate it into art.

This was partly prompted by family circumstances in which I grew up.

I draw from my own experience and I am self-taught.

I like to put aside the motto  "As it should be..." ,

thinking outside the box makes you want more than the obvious.

From insight to form.

In much of my work you can see  or find the deeper meaning of

(at first glance) simple things in life.

So that really makes it twice as fun. 

Through working in acute psychiatry, following a training as a transpersonal coach,

and many lessons in painting, among other things, have come to what I do now.

For me, the medium is secondary to the subject.

Working with porcelain (mouldable) paint (changeable), digital sketching (various application forms) and text (direct, clear communication) are my preference.

I like conceptual thinking, my work tends towards naive art, and is often illustrative.

When I word it is short, powerful, confrontational, with deeper meaning. Sometimes supplemented with images.

For me, self-reflection is the only way to growth, imagining a way to show yourself as a human being,

and honest clear communication the way to connection.

And if that is allowed with lightness, humor, and sometimes just directly, it works for me.

I hope you enjoy my work,

and my work resonates.

love Arlette

Do you have questions?

feel free to contact me! 

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