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Because truth isn't always what we thought it would be,and everything has at least two sides.

You see duality when you are willing to look twice. Both inside and outside yourself Although…

If everything outside of you is a reflection of your own perception, then you see yourself, if you choose to.

Nobody is perfect, so it's not really that special. So i feel free to put my words anywhere , without restrictions from anyone or anything. It flows out of me  and meets imperfection, so perfect! Nobody

is perfect, you know... I call it Poinzie (see in) (see in you and me)


So this is how I would like to interpret my work;


May not be perfect in appearance by established standards. Created in freedom putting aside fear of being different,  or having to meet expectations, is of no limiting significance at that time, because I learned to let that go. Thus shows itself what must be seen, that gives emotion wonder and amazement. It confronts. Despite being fixed images or words, it sets my perception in motion, super fun! Which makes it twice as fun for me is

that it is this effect, ieder in its own way of course, can also have on you!

“The image of the mirror 

gives words of wisdom”

Please don't pay attention to my poems, this is automatically translated in English.

So this can't give a good presentation of my work.

informatie bestellen dichtbundel
dichtbundel afscheid
puur wonder, wat ben je mooi
dag snuitje
in mijn eigen gedachten

I am going on
and further
to get closer
to come to myself.

Almost talks to try
both say as much as nothing.

In the immense space
called freedom
it feels very scary.

As soon as I do with whatever
move outside
I'm not home.

What do you know about me?

That what I said?

That what I did?

What's my name?


Then what do you know about me?


You see something or nothing.

And then what do you know?

That I am something and someone?

That I experience?

Wait what say,

move and live?


And then what do you know?


I feel what I feel

because I feel inside me.

What I experience is my experience.

What I mean

refers to my life.

You will never ever know

what I feel experience and mean,.


then you know…

you may ask

And I ask you…

Who are you really?

True does not exist in a world of duality

out there is where superfluous…


True needs false

to observe where…

so when is what true?


Truth has no right to exist

beyond your perception


Just as far as I go

am I going to talk about…

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